Friday, June 10, 2016

Choosing and Paring Down

I'm all for trying new things.

And I have tried a few.

Now I have to make some decisions.  Well, actually I am in the process of making some, and some have been made.  But anyway...

Back story

It was maybe a couple of years ago now, I was talking with a friend about the possibility of  a ladies' paint event at her church, and so I began researching materials, cost, etc.  A very short time later, I received a call from another friend saying that the artist she had booked for her daughter's bridal shower surprise paint party had cancelled last minute (about a week before the date), and would I be willing to step in?

Well, I had already researched prices, and though I hadn't ordered any supplies, I said yes I would, and placed a couple of orders for brushes, easels, and canvases.

That is how I happened into the paint event "business."
I have since done four other events, two ladies' events, a family paint afternoon, and a birthday party. 

And Now...

And while they were all great fun, I feel like it is an area I don't need to be focused on right now.  There are many businesses and instructors who fill this niche, and I am feeling the need to pull back and reassess where my focus should be.

With that being said,  I am looking to sell some of the materials I purchased for those events.  You can check out  my Facebook page for the details, and if you are interested in any or all - I will sell separately if you only want a couple - leave a comment here, on Facebook, or message/email me!  :)  (I also have quite a few used, but clean paintbrushes that I am looking to sell too)

I have 12 wooden table top easels

 12 aluminum table top easels
And a variety of aprons - many handmade, some with a couple of paint spots on

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