Friday, June 17, 2016

Remember When...

You know those commercials where a younger version of a person shows up to remind them of their childhood, and how great the snacks were?  (Here is an example, in case you need a reminder.)

Well, I was wondering if many of us adults have the same issue with creativity.

You know, as kids we probably all had some sort of art class in elementary school.  Maybe in middle school there were options or a general art class that everyone would take, just a semester maybe?  And high school...if you needed an elective, perhaps you took art, thinking it would be an easy fill-in class, and maybe you even enjoyed it when you were there.  But if you weren't planning on going into an art-related field you may have moved on to more social science, math, or literature classes.

Or maybe as adults we think we just don't have time for creating.  We get so busy making a living, caring for our families, looking after the needs of others, that we forget to care for ourselves.

I would like to remind you that we all have creativity.

Sometimes our fear keeps us from allowing it to come forward. We might have an idea, but a voice tells us, "not today."  Or maybe you hear, "you can't do THAT, you don't have those skills!"

I encourage you to start.  Maybe you pick up a pencil and a piece of paper from your printer, and try to sketch that tree in the back yard, or the coffee cup on the counter, or the window with the curtains catching the breeze.  Make it as simple or detailed as you like.  There is no wrong way.  As long as you try. I will be working to create the habit for myself.  To make an appointment with my creativity, to take time to doodle, sketch, or paint.

Fight off the fear with a swish of a pencil stroke.
Stop time for just a moment as you gaze out the window.
What detail captures your attention?
What holds your gaze?
Write it down,
Either in words or shapes.
Describe it with marks or letters.
Capture the moment.

Creativity is not just demonstrated in drawing. It has many ways to show itself...  Remember your creativity.

In what area of your life do you feel  most creative? Where do you feel least creative?  Please share with us, so we can encourage each other!

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