Friday, July 22, 2016

Trying new skills, and honing old ones


The Summer is really getting away from me!  I have been working on a couple different painting projects, which, if you follow me on Facebook, you have seen the beginnings of those. 

I have yet to finish them, as I hone my skills on procrastination. . .

This weekend I have a birthday party craft to help with, but I also hope to also get some more work in on these paintings.

I want to loosen my painting skills to some degree, to work with a little more freedom.  I am finding when I sit down to work on the paintings, I have the mindset that I use when painting small ornaments. 

I work in small strokes, small amounts of paint, and small movements. 

Granted, these paintings are not the large wall sized backdrops I used to paint in a week for Vacation Bible School,

 but I need to practice developing my style a little more, and worry about the exact details a little less. 
Maybe at the end of the weekend I will have more finished works to show you!  (I also need to practice accountability...)  :)

Do you have any tips for keeping on top of projects?  How do you find motivation to work on finishing up tasks?

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