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I'm Holly!

I grew up in rural Michigan, but now live in New England.  When my girls were younger and we would go back to visit my parents during the summer, one thing we made sure to do was catch lightning bugs.

As the sun sank beneath the horizon, the girls would each get a glass jar and a piece of paper (with holes) to cover the opening.  We would then set out on our expedition to the yard.  We would scan the area, waiting for that glimmer of light or spark, if you will, and follow as best we could in the dark.

There were always plenty of sparks to chase, and eventually the girls would collect several to hold closely and watch.  After a while, we would let the lightning bugs go, and they would fly off into the night, lighting up each place they stopped along the way.

What do lightning bugs have to do with a creative/art blog?

Well...My head is filled with all kinds of  ideas, stories, sparks.  

This is the place where I document the pursuit of these sparks.

I chase them because I see their beauty, worth and meaning. 
I chase them because they point me towards my Creator.
I chase, and when I catch them, they become art.

The sparks take shape in different ways as they sift through my beliefs, values and life experiences.  I don't use glass jars to hold them, but paper, paint, photos and words.  I try to gather a few ideas, hold them for a time, observing, examining, and learning what I can.  Then I release the art, hoping it generates thoughts, memories or meaning to those who see it.

I encourage you to seek out your lightning bugs, your sparks, your ideas.  Gather them, think on them, create with them! If you need help getting started, let me know!  Then please share them with all of us so we can see your light shine.

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